The 3 Most Exciting NFL Divisional Playoff Games in Recent Memory

It’s that time of year again ladies and gentlemen. While it’s sometimes an overlooked weekend in the NFL season, it never seems to disappoint us. The divisional round of the NFL Playoff is here and just like the first round of the NCAA March Madness tournament, it’s consistently one of the most exciting weekends in sports.
In honor of the Chiefs-Patriots and Packers-Cardinals games today and two more games tomorrow, I wanted to take a look back on three of the most exhilarating divisional games in recent memory:
1.Ravens 38, Broncos 35 (2013 AFC Divisional Round)
The #1 seeded Broncos were shocked when the Ravens came back to tie the game and force overtime on a Jacoby Jones 71 yard touchdown catch. The Ravens won in double OT on a Jacob Tucker 47 yard field goal. This game has so much significance because the Ravens went on to win the Super Bowl that year and the Broncos were so devastated after coming off of an 11 game win streak.
2. Fourty-Niners 36, Saints 32 (2012 NFC Divisional Round)
Vernon Davis surprised everyone with his 14 yd touchdown grab from Alex Smith with 14 seconds to go. Davis ended with a record 180 yards receiving. Quarterback Drew Brees threw for 462 yards in this game. In this game that will no doubt go down in history, the Niners showed that they were finally contenders again.
3. Titans 34, Steelers 31 OT (2003 AFC Divisional Round)
Titans kicker Joe Dedney missed two key field goals, one a the end of regulation and one in overtime before finally hitting a 26 yard game-winning field goal in overtime over the Steelers. Steve McNair had a monster game as he threw for a career playoff high 338 yard. Growing up a Titans fan, this game resonates with me, but regardless, this game is still being talked about today.

Picture credit: Getty Images


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